Nonverbal communication, more important than the words you speak

Miscommunication is so much more than just the words you speak

Sometimes things can be miscommunicated not because of the words you say, but the way you’re standing or the way you say things, this is referred to as nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication can easily be misinterpreted because people don’t even realize what they are doing may be giving off a message that is different to the words they are saying. (workplace insights, 2010)

A person may be genuinely happy that their co-worker received a promotion and the words that person are saying are kind and genuine, but the tone and nonverbal communication may be giving of the signal that the person is not genuinely happy, and nonverbal communication is stronger than words.

There are 7 main areas on nonverbal communication that could be miscommunicated. (helpguide, N.D)

  1. Facial expressions-This is what the people you are communicating with notice the most. This is the one nonverbal type of communication that is the same throughout all cultures.
  2. Gestures- A simple wave or pointing at a person or object is a gesture can easily be misinterpreted. For example, some people think it is rude to point, so this could easily be miscommunicated. Gestures are also very different among different cultures, this is important when dealing with people from different cultures.
  3. Posture- The way you walk and stand is a form of communicating, and every time you do one of these things you are communicating with the people around you even if you are not directly speaking to them or even know the person.
  4. Eye contact- This visual sense is very dominant for most people so this is a very important form of miscommunication. How you make eye contact with someone can change the whole conversation. For example, shifting your eyes and looking at everything else around you can make it seem like you are uninterested in the conversation. Eye contact is also essential to help with the flow of conversation
  5. Space- How close or how far away you stand from someone can show aggression, shyness, and/or even affection. Space is different throughout cultures and can easily be miscommunicated.
  6. Voice- How you say words is just as important as the way you say them. People ‘read’ the way you say things. This can show whether you are confident or shy along with many other traits.
  7. Touch- every time you shake someone’s hand or give them a hug there is nonverbal communication going on that the other person will read. Touch is often the first and last thing that happens in a conversation so it is important to make sure it is not miscommunicated or the whole conversation could be miscommunicated.

The words we speak account for about 10% of the message we are trying to get across. Body language and nonverbal communication account for over half, this shows that how we say things is more important than the things we say and can be easy to misinterpret. (How to communicate with body language, N.D)

It is important to analyze yourself and see what kind of body language impression you give off when talking to a stranger or dealing with someone in the workplace. Knowing what kind of body language you should give off can help maintain relationships.


how miscommunication could lead to tragedy

Communication is important, and sometimes a miscommunication can lead to a fight between friends or the loss of money in the business world. But neither of these are as bad as a miscommunication that caused the death of 583 people.

I was reading online about mistakes that were made because of miscommunication, and none hit me as hard as a plane crash that lead to the death of 583 people. This crash, which involved two planes, could have easily been avoided if the communication had been clearer. Also, the crash happened on the ground before either plane had even taken off. This accident shows just how important communication is and how essential it is to make sure the message is understood. (BBC, 2005)

It was extremely foggy, almost impossible to see, one flight was sitting on the runway waiting for further instructions while another was taxiing down the runway heading straight for the waiting flight. The planes finally found each other through the fog and realised they were heading for a straight on collision, the flight that was taxiing tried to take off when the pilot realized what was about to happen but didn’t take off fast enough and hit the waiting plane. Unfortunately the plane that tried to take off had no survivors. The other plan had roughly 60 survivors resulting in the loss of 583 lives.

The reason for this collision was because of a misunderstanding. Because of the fog the aircrafts could not see each other and the control tower could not see the runway or the planes on it. The only form of communication was voice reports over the radio. The plane was taxing down the runway fully believing he had clearance from air traffic control, but this was not the case. It was miscommunications that lead to the captain believing he had clearance for take-off. Little did the crew know at the time this miscommunication would lead to a catastrophic result. (Smith, 2014)

There are many other accidents that happen in the world due to miscommunication, and this is one that could have easily been avoided if more communication was made. This is not the first or the last time miscommunication will lead to tragedy, but learning from it can help these mistakes from happening again.

Another miscommunication accident involved a little girl who had a heart transplant when she was born. There were certain medications she would have to avoid for the rest of her life. When she was 8 she caught a cold and her family doctor and her transplant cardiologist had a miscommunication error which resulted in the girl being prescribed a medication she should not have been prescribed. Because of this she cannot swallow, speak or walk and is now left permanently brain damaged. (Dickerson, 2013)

This is another example of a communication error that could have easily been avoided, and if it had the girl would be living an almost normal and happy life.




No more miscommunication!

You have to be careful about everything you say, type and even text these days, this is because the actual message can be interpreted in the wrong way which can lead to bad scenarios. These scenarios can include losing a friendship, having a strained relationship which can be anything from family to your boss, or even getting fired.

Of course these are all things that every person wants to avoid and there are many ways to do this but there are a few generic rules that can be followed that will always help avoid communication errors that may rise, in person or via E-mail/text.

One thing that you can do is to think before you speak or press send. You have to think of the different ways that the message could be interpreted, could the E-mail be thought of in a different way? Or could the tone you are using when speaking to the person make the message seem harsher than it really is?

Choose a Gift for a Birthday Party Step 1.jpg

Another is not to jump to conclusions. When reading an E-mail it is not always obvious what tone the sender is using, if in doubt try and get more information instead of making assumptions that could damage the relationship because you assume one things while the sender meant another.

Next is to avoid making certain comments. Comments such as “You don’t understand “can result in a person becoming defensive. Using the term ‘I’ instead of you (especially when giving criticism) will help make it seem like you’re taking responsibility instead of making the receiver seem incompetent, this is especially true when non-verbal communication is being used. Instead make the person feel comfortable by rephrasing the statement, such as “I don’t think I’m making myself clear. What I meant was…” (Pophal, 2010)

Avoid Miscommunication Step 10.jpg

Finally one last tip is to choose the right medium. People of the younger generation might think that a text message is good for all situations while someone older may think a phone call is always appropriate. The truth is every situation is different and depends on the message you want to get across and who you the receiver will be. For example, If the receiver is someone who is not the best with technology then a text message is probably not the best option. (Ferrazzi, 2013)

Of course there are many things that could be done and need to be considered when trying to avoid any miscommunication, it may seem very complex so these are just a few simplified tips to help getting a better understanding on how to communicate effectively and efficiently.


#Hashtags #can #actually #hurt #your #brand

Some people love them and some people hate them, but the question is are they effective?

The answer is yes, but using too many won’t be beneficial to you, especially if you or your company are trying to get you or your brand noticed. The graph below shows that 2 hashtags per posted item is ideal, and is what will get the most attention. On average having two hashtags will receive 600 interactions, use any more than one or two and that number drops significantly. These numbers are based off of a sampling of 200,000 brand postings on Facebook. Another reason to avoid using more than two hashtags is you don’t want your followers to think you are spamming them, and nobody likes spam, it eventually just leads to being ignored and eventually deleted. (Petronzio, 2014)

Facebook Hashtags Chart

Another thing to avoid is stringing a bunch of words together for no reason. An example of this is #idontknowhowtousehashtags. Not only is it annoying and pointless but no one is going to click on it because they know it will lead to absolutely nothing useful. They can also be difficult to read and understand which can ruin the original message that the person was trying to get across. (how to hashtag, n.d)

Also never have only hashtags, it can be confusing, boring and/or once again feel like spam to the people reading. This is because there is no reason explanation behind the hashtag. An example of this is having a post that simply says #chocolate. The same goes for a sentence that is made up of hashtags such as #chocolate is #awesome, it’s meaningless and adds nothing to the conversation.

Of course hashtags have proven to be beneficial especially in business, so if you are someone who likes to use hashtags there a few things that can be done to make hashtags more useful and less annoying to others.

Make your tweets/posts relevant, this is especially important in the business world. If you are trying to promote cheap flights make your hashtags relevant and something that people would actually search for, such as, #cheapflights or #flightdeals. Also look at hashtags other companies are using and if they are working using the same ones.

Another way to be successful with hashtags is creating your own. This means creating a special hashtag that has not been used before. The key is to make it simple and to keep using it for example, to promote a certain event or campaign and get it to catch on. (Matt, 2013)


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Bitcoins: the newest form of currency

A bitcoin is a consensus network that enables payments with digital money. There is no central authority or middleman, payments are made person-to-person. In simple terms a bitcoin is pretty much cash for the internet.

Many businesses are even using it these days such as restaurants, law firms and online services such as WordPress and Reddit! (frequently asked questions, 2014)

The creators of bitcoins decided a finite number of bitcoins would ever exist, this number is 21million. Currently there are over 12 million in circulation, which means there are less than 9 million to still be discovered. At the current rate the last bitcoins is estimated to be discovered in the year 2140. Since it was created back in 2009 bitcoins have skyrocketed, and at the end of August 2013 the value of the bitcoins in circulation was over $1.5 billion.

Now the question of how does one ‘discover’ a bitcoin

First a person has to get a virtual wallet to store the bitcoins that are earned. This wallet essentially acts a persons encrypted online bank account. After this one can start mining for bitcoins. Mining is the term used for people who are trying to discover new bitcoins. The weirdest part is a person can discover for example, 1/8th of a bitcoin! (beginners guide to mning bitcoins, N.D)

A person mines for bitcoins by downloading or buying hardware that will mine for you. But it can cost more in power than you get in return from bitcoins, this is because the system was set so bitcoins were easy to mine in the beginning and get harder as we approach the 21mllionth bitcoin. This means currently faster hardware has to be used to mine for the bitcoins and the free online bitcoin miners are pretty much useless. New hardware is being created that will have the capability of mining bitcoins on its own at a much faster rate…..the current ballpark price for this hardware $12,000. (beginners guide to mning bitcoins, N.D)

Most people now join a pool, this will give a person better odds of discovering new bitcoins. A pool is a group of people that combine their computing power to make more bitcoins.

But just like most things on the internet though the wallets holding a persons discovered bitcoins can be hacked since they are unregulated. Last year hackers stole about $1.2milion worth of bitcoin currency from a particular site, and the problem with bitcoins is once they are lost or stolen they are gone forever. This s because bitcoins are like cash so with no central banking backing up your bicoins there is no way to recover your loses. (Gewirtz, 2014)

There are also other ways to recieve bitcoins such as buying them or getting paid in bitcoins in return for a product or service. Even an exchange has the potential to discover new bitcoins!

I’m sure this is probably all confusing, even I’m still trying to figure the whole thing out and I have now read plenty of articles on it. There is also so much more to it then what you just read I could go on for days but that would probably get boring and very confusing. Below are some of the better articles that will help give a more in depth detail on the subject. This just goes to show how literally everything can be done on the internet and in this may be the way of the future.


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Brabble app: the newest social media craze?

Brabble is an app which is still pretty new to the social media world.  Founded only 3 years ago in 2011 it is rapidly becoming the newest social netowrking craze, offering so much more than other apps. There are many social media apps out there such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but all have restrictions, you can only do so much with them.  But, now there’s Brabble.

Brabble is an app that connects with a different kind of social media network. What makes Brabble different is  a person isn’t just limited to text comments like other social media it can also be a video, pic, audio or just a traditional text comment, these are known as Brabblebacks. You can also decide if you want to share things with a small group of people or the whole Brabble community. (Brabble, 2014).

Unlike Facebook which has a ‘like’ button and Instagram which has a ‘love’ button, Brabble gives you the option of both! You can even private message other users which is uncommon on other social media sites.

You can pretty much do everything other individual social media sites can do, including hashtags. The difference with Brabble is you can do it all in on convenient place.  The app is constantly being updated to stay on top of the constantly changing social media trends and in the next update Brabble plans to let users have the option if they want to also share their post on other social media sites. (Brabble)

The biggest complaint people have, like most social media sites is the ads, but despite that all the feedback is positive and to some the app is considered revolutionary. (Brabble, 2014) This was enough to get me to download and try the app. and I must say, I think I’ll keep using it.

Cover art


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A2’s greatest hit: Snapchat and the lingerie industry.

To give a brief description for those who don’t know snapchat is an app for your Iphone or Android device. It is used to chat with friends through photos, videos and captions that can go along with them. What separates Snapchat from other apps is when the picture or video is opened, the person has 10 seconds to look at it before it disappears forever. (Monreau,2014)

Recently companies have been using Snapchat to promote their products, an example of this a yogurt company in New York. They asked customers to take a Snapchat of themselves or someone else eating their yogurt and send it to them. In return they will be sent a Snapchat back that is coupon which is certain discount off their next purchase, this can be anywhere from 5% off to 100% off.  But the person cannot open the Snapchat until they get to the till because once opened the picture is only there temporarily. (

Lingerie companies such as Victoria’s Secret (who already has a Snapchat on their PINK brand) could expand into the ever growing Snapchat market by doing the same kind of concept.

A lingerie company such as Victoria’s Secret could create a Snapchat account and the promotion can be done in three simple steps. The first is to (for example) get people to send them a picture themselves wearing their product. The second step is the lingerie company will send them back Snapchat coupon (for example) either a percentage or dollar amount off their next purchase. The third step is the customer will open and show the cashier at the time of purchase the Snapchat to find out how much off their total purchase they will recieve.

For an online company steps 2 and 3 will be slightly different. Step two would be sending the customer a promo code, and step three, is the customer opening and writing down the promo code which will be typed in during the time of the online purchase.

This is a great way for companies to take part and get ahead of the competition in a new and innovative way. This app can be used in many industries to help promote their products.

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